Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Shopping at JoAnn's: Wishlist

I went shopping at Joann Fabrics the other day to buy some fleece. After this weekend's show, I need to replenish the Nubbin population before my next craft show. I've been making a habit lately of taking pictures of things I have on my "wish list" (as you may have seen from my book post). A lot of these are things I would like and think are cool, but can't justify buying them for myself.

First up is this new Cricut cartridge, "Mini Monsters". I heard about it a few months ago. Come on, it's MONSTERS! It's perfect for me! I know there are a lot of Halloween-y designs on it, but I mostly want it for the quirky monsters so I can make different monster cards (there is a "card" feature on this cartridge!).

I'd buy it, but Cricut cartridges are SOOOO expensive! The usual price for cartridges is $89.99, but even the $49.99/$39.99 sale price they sometimes have is still a little pricey for me (I'm too frugal for my own good sometimes) Hmmm...if anyone needs an idea for a Christmas present for me... ;)

Next is a stack of Autumn theme printed scrapbook paper. I can't justify buying it because #1. I'm not currently in scrapbooking mode at the moment, and #2. I already have a lot of scrapbook paper. But I'm loving some of the designs in this stack. Here are some of my favorites.

This tree design (above) is my absolute favorite in the stack.


This lat thing is, again, something I like, yet can't justify. This wood pendant is too big for a necklace, although it might be just the right size for a keychain. I actually would like to get a couple tomake into keychains as gifts for my photographer friends. But then the icanmakethat disease I suffer from kicks in and I think "If I get a camera rubber stamp, and slice up a tree branch, I can make that!"

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Melissa said...

Love the camera!!! LOL that's awesome. I might just have to go buy that :P