Monday, March 12, 2012

New Monster Monday: Farnsworth the Stripey Sweater Gremlin

"Farnsworth wants to be a scientist when he grows up. But for now, he enjoys performing various culinary experiments in the kitchen...most of which end up being some shade of orange."

I made Farnswoth from the arm of a thrift store sweater.  I have a "brother" for him, made from the other arm of the sweater, waiting  for me to sew the final details (eyes, lips and heart) by hand.  I think I'll name the brother...Finkleberg.  Don't ask me just popped into my head!  And I think the two names sound cute and funny together..."Farnsworth and Finkleberg".  It sounds like it should be a kids' cartoon show (like "Phineas and Ferb"?) LOL.  I'll have to post photos of Finkleberg when he's finished.

Orange and blue are one of my very favorite color combinations to work with!  It seems only natural that they go so well together, since they are complimentary colors.  He's a fairly large monster (about 18 inches tall) and the sweater's texture is woolly and he's perfect for hugging and snuggling.  (confession: I'm snuggling with him right now!) 

I can just imagine a child taking him to bed every night...not being able to go to sleep unless they have their favorite stuffed toy.  I wonder if they'd keep the name I've given him, or make up their own name.  It kind of makes me giggle to imagine a child whining "But Mooooom, I CAN'T go to sleep without my Farnsworth!"

That makes me think...I need to start writing the monsters' names on tags to pin on them at craft shows. (which my mom has been suggesting I do for awhile now) People at shows will sometimes ask if I name them.  I really only end up naming the ones I list on Etsy.  But I've sold monsters before on Etsy solely because of what I chose to name them!...because the buyer had a particular attachment to the name (their middle name or the name of a good friend).

Yes, Farnsworth is turning out to be yet another one of those "favorite" monsters that I secretly want to keep for myself. (wait...isn't that every monster I make?) 

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tiffany said...

He is awesome and can't wait to see his brother!