Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Treasury Tuesday: Laundry Day

Today was a major laundry day for me.  And I was happy, since it was the first time it was nice enough outside to use my clothesline!

I love hanging my cotton bedspread/tapestries out on the line (although I always think that my neighbors must think I'm a hippie whenever I hang them out!).  They just look so pretty and they always smell so wonderful afterwards.  The cotton has a very particular smell, which reminds me of "up at camp" in the Adirondacks, since the first time I ever bought one was at a store in Old Forge, NY.  The one I originally bought was a red/black/cream Indian design with elephants.  But it got a lot of use and got torn.  I have some of the fabric around somewhere, because I wanted to make it into a skirt.  The ones shown on the line I got at Goodwill (the red/blue tree one and the green circular pattern one), I received as a gift from my brother (the purple/magenta sun patterned one) and bought at the Celtic Festival (the green/black one at the far left)

Anyway, all of that to say, after my lovely, productive laundry day, I found myself wanting to make a laundry themed treasury.


I got a great compliment in the comments from an Etsian whose work I'd featured in this treasury.  She said "I think you may have done the impossible and inspired me to do laundry after this!"

I made another treasury, inspired by some items in the "New items from your favorite shops" box that is in the sidebar of my Etsy activity feed. (specifically, the washi tape and the painted tree trunk slices.)  I got to include some fellow RNEST members in this one.  Can you spot them?

What item, from either of these treasuries, is your favorite? (let me know in comments!)

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