Monday, April 30, 2012

New Monster Monday: Mayday Finds

This week's New Monster Monday doesn't have monsters made by me, but features items I got this weekend at Mayday Underground!

First is a monster "ornament" from Erin Makes Stuff.  She actually knits all her monsters herself.  Her booth has a sign that says "We're not socks and we never were!"  My knitting skills are limited to the knit stitch (I don't even know how to purl!) so I am really impressed with the stuff she makes!  I especially like the square beads she uses to make the teeth.

I like squishing his face and messing with his lips to make him happy or sad!

I also got this cool little turquoise octopus from Peaches Products.  I traded her a Bunny Nubbin and a Ninja Nubbin for it. (yay for artist trades!) 

 I added them to the collection of small plushies in my craft room. (from left to right: (top) blue Mini Monster from EcoLeftz, Owl Nubbin, Octopus and Owl from Peaches Products. (bottom) Nubbin, Monster Ornament from Erin Makes Stuff, Finger Puppets I won in a blog giveaway from Happycloud Thunderhead.
I have my own Owl and Nubbin because I can't find that particular color of fleece anymore...and, you know, I am allowed to keep my own work sometimes, right? ;)

It provides a happy little corner of inspiration while I'm sewing!

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erinmakesstuff said...

Looks like the little knit monster found a bunch of friends and a good home! Thanks for sharing! :)