Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Upcoming: Mayday Underground! Spring 2012

Sorry I haven't been blogging a lot lately.  I went to visit my grandma a few weeks ago and then got sick for a week when I came back.  Since I've gotten better, I've caught up on housework and then been sewing and getting ready for this spring's installment of Mayday of my largest (and most favorite!) craft shows of the year! 

I'm taking a break from stuffing and sewing a slew of Nubbins to write this blog post, since Mayday Underground is THIS Saturday!

Their very first show was on May Day (May 1st) in 2010.  (hence the title of "Mayday") Since then, they've gone biannual and added a fall show in November.  For the spring show, they try to have it on a Saturday as close to May 1st as possible...which turned out to be April 28th this year.  Check out the Mayday Underground blog at

  Hope to see you there!

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