Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dapper Dog

This dog is another part of the order requested by my friend Ann (who I made the fabric roses for).
The plaid material is from one of her late father's shirts.

I call him "Dapper Dog".
She originally wanted a sock dog style, but I wasn't sure how to pull that design off using shirt material instead of socks.  So I made this dog in the style of my Woodland Creature dolls... a bit anthropomorphic with button-jointed arms.

After working with knits like sweaters and socks for so long, working with a non-stretchy fabric like this woven cotton shirt fabric was a slight challenge, but I got through it!  
I liked making the cuff of the shirt into the dog's shirt collar.  I'm looking forward to making some more "Dapper Dogs".

Ann decided to do something cool with Dapper Dog in the style of "Flat Stanley"... taking pictures of him in various locations (like what I was doing with Hal for awhile last summer).  You can go "like" her Dapper Dog Facebook page to follow his adventures!

I made a smaller dog ("Dapper Puppy") first as a prototype, but had forgotten to take a picture until I met Ann to deliver her order.  Dapper Puppy will be going to her sister in Australia.

 These Nubbins were Easter presents for her 2 sons.


FoundProdigalDaughter said...

Love how Dapper Dog turned out! Great job!

Anonymous said...

I love his big black nose!