Friday, May 10, 2013

Etsy Favorite Friday: The Knotty Owl

Presenting my new favorite necklace by my friend Ashley of The Knotty Owl!

A cool thing about the craft show/Etsy artist culture is doing trades with other artists when you each admire each other's work.  I traded a big sweater owl for this necklace.  We coordinated the trade a couple months ago, but finally were able to meet up to make the trade when we were both vendors at Mayday Underground.

I've received a few compliments of it.  But i need to ask Ashley for some of her super-cool business cards to give out, because when people have complimented me on the necklace and I try and tell them the Etsy shop name, it kind of sounds like I'm saying The Naughty Owl instead of The Knotty Owl! (oh dear!).  I always try and make sure they get the right name, but I sound a bit like a blathering idiot in my attempt to clarify.

Anyway, go check out her shop!  She has some awesome work!

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