Thursday, May 2, 2013

Grumpy Cat Nubbin for "Internet Meme" RNEST Team Challenge!

I made a "Grumpy Cat' Nubbin for this month's RNEST Team Challenge!

The theme for May's Challenge was "Internet Memes".  (I actually chose the theme because I wanted to make this!)  If you like my Grumpy Cat and want to vote for me in the challenge, go to the RNEST blog and vote in the poll in the upper-right of the page. (no registration required!) There's only 2 other submissions in the challenge, but I think they are some pretty stiff competition!  So I'll need your help to win!

(a look at my competition)

 The Etsy listing wasn't even up for 12 hours before it sold!

A comparison with the Grumpy Cat herself.

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