Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What's-On-My-Worktable Wednesday: Washi-Tape Doodles

While trolling Pinterest for ideas for the homeschool art class this upcoming year and found this blog with a little doodle of a girl with her clothes made from washi tape.  Researching for art class makes me feel all (traditionally) artsy too, so I busted out my own small stash of washi tape and my Smashbook and made this little doodle...

Here's a wider view of my Smashbook page.  The words and crown were already printed on the page.

When you do art as your "job", it's nice to just make art for fun sometimes.   It's refreshing to just do something fun for yourself that's out of your usual medium.  The funny thing is that I didn't grow up sewing a lot. I liked to draw and paint.  Even in high school, I wanted to be a painter.  My original "what I want to be when I grow up" job was a "children's book author and illustrator".  Yeah... at age 5 I knew that was an actual job.  I blame it on Steven Kellogg... my favorite childhood author (who I've had the pleasure of meeting twice...once when I was 5, and again when I was 26).  Even though my preferred medium has changed, I'd like to think those early aspirations have influenced my work.  I did end up creating characters and making art that is greatly appreciated by children!

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