Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What's-On-My- Worktable Wednesday: New Nubbins In The Works For Fall

Here's a peek at some new styles of Nubbin I have in the works to be available at craft shows in the fall.

Dapper Mustachio Nubbin
I've done a moustached Nubbin before (two years ago for the RNEST "No-Shave-November/ Movember" team challenge).  I decided with this batch, I like it with just the moustache without the teeth.   I feel like I'm late on the moustache trend, but it still seems to be trending, since people still like it!  And my Facebook friends are loving this Nubbin so far.

Yellow & Grey Floral Print Barn Owl Nubbin
I also have another printed fabric that is yellow spots on grey that I'm making Barn Owls with.  It coordinates really well with the floral print, so these owls will look great displayed next to each other in a basket at shows.

White Arctic Fox Nubbin
In addition to the White "Arctic" Fox, I'd also like to add a Grey Fox Nubbin too....and perhaps some mustard yellow (inspired by Sleepy King's yellow foxes)  And for some reason, I've been having the urge to make one in turquoise-blue.  Who knows... blue foxes could end up popular!

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