Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Fashion Finds: Torrid Deals

My mom works at a school and had this week off due to Spring Break. So she and my dad came out to visit and go out to lunch on Tuesday. During lunch, mom had mentioned that she's never been to the Galleria Mall in Buffalo, so we decided to have a spur-of-the-moment mother-daughter shopping trip (while dad hung out at my house, since he's not big on malls or shopping).  My favorite store to go to at the Galleria is the plus-size women's clothing store, "Torrid", since there isn't one in any of the malls around 
Rochester (which is where I usually go to shop, since I'm more familiar with Rochester). 

I've been looking for a good coat for a while now that fits and flatters my plus-size frame. I've been wearing my husband's old wool coat for the past couple winters, and I can't button it up comfortably. I was searching for coats online back in January when there were some sales, but any coat I liked was either out of stock, or out of my price range.  And I just don't like ordering clothes online.  I need to try clothes on. But any coats I'd tried on at other stores were always too tight in the shoulders.  I knew I needed to look at a specialty plus-size women's clothing store like Torrid.

So I was excited to find this coat on the clearance rack! I tried it on, and was able to button it up, and put my arms forward without it feeling too tight! The best part was that it was marked down! The original price was over $100, and it was marked down to around $50!

Torrid was also having a "Buy One, get the Second for 50% off" sale, so I decided to try on some dresses. My mom picked out this butterfly print one for me. I've decided that it's going to be my "Easter dress" this year.

This dress is comfy and looks good with my "wear a dress with jeans" style. I was trying to decide which dress to get, and mom insisted on buying one of them for me so I could get both! The stripey dress had a small tear in the seam of the skirt (easily fixable), so mom got them to discount it 40%!
I am usually really thrifty and typically buy my clothes at thrift stores (and occasionally Target and Old Navy), so buying something from Torrid was a major splurge for me!

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