Thursday, April 30, 2015

Moustache Nubbin Visits the Albright-Knox Art Gallery

My husband had the week off, so today we went to the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo.
I learned that there is a difference between an art museum and an art gallery... a gallery only buys art from living artists. As I understand it, the Albright Knox started as a museum, but is now a gallery.  I also found out that this gallery was built in 1905...before Canada was recognized as a country!

I brought a Moustache Nubbin along to take pictures with the art (Flat-Stanley style!). I had originally thought about bringing Hal, but I wanted something that could easily fit in my purse and not make me look like a crazy lady carrying around a stuffed animal. Nubbins are less conspicuous than sweater monsters.

This large sculpture in front of the gallery is made from canoes!

My husband suggested that I title this photo "Everyone Wants A Nubbin"!

Yup...that's a Picasso back there!

...And a Mondrian!...

...And a Matisse!
The artist/art teacher in me is flailing a bit. I've taught children about these artists and seen their work in books and online, but I got to see some in person!

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