Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy 2008!

Happy New Year!

We didn't do anything big for New Year's Eve. Of course I'm not too into huge bashes anyway. I prefer hanging out with a couple close friends. My husband and I had a game night with Bill & Rachel, our downstairs neighbors. We played Carcassonne, a game CJ and I got hooked on through the XBox 360, but later found out that it was an actual board game. After hearing us talk about the video game version, our Bill & Rachel got the board game for us for Christmas.

As for crafts, I finally finished the Christmas present for A. Better late than never, right?

She loves the Shrek movies (actually, any of the Dreamworks computer animated movies). One of the traits autistic children have is "echolalia" or "scripting", repeating phrases that they've memorized from TV or movies. A "scripts" from Shrek and Shrek 2 all the time, as well as from Shark Tale and Madagascar. I'm sure she got the Shrek the Third DVD for Christmas and will be scripting from it when she comes back to school tomorrow. I ought to watch it tonight so I know what she's talking about. When I know the movie almost as well as she does and quote it back to her, it's like a gateway into the little world she's in. When I finish a quote or repeat a movie quote she's been saying, she will look directly at me.

But she is definitely all about Shrek...particularly Fiona. I was getting her the Christmas Shrek Happy Meal toys that McDonald's had recently...going to McDonald's on my lunch break on Fridays, getting a Happy Meal to eat for my lunch and giving the toy to A. She loved themAnd I decided to endevor to make her an upgrade from my typical sock monster and make her a "Sock Fiona" for Christmas.
Preliminary phases...

Finished Fiona!

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