Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Power outage sock monsters...

I was woken up at 5am by a crazy windstorm that knocked out our power (a fallen tree took out power lines somewhere). I went back to sleep and slept until 7:00...power still out. My hubby had already lit the candles in the bathroom for me so I could put on my makeup by candlelight and get ready for work.
I got all the way to work and found the parking lot unusually empty. But I waited in my car and watched a parent or two dropping off their kids, but coming back to the car with the kids. I left my bag in the car and walked to the building. The secretary met me at the door guessed it...she told me that the district was closed and I got to go home! I'm not sure exactly why, because the school had power. I'm not sure why I didn't get a call either. We have a phone tree for when the school closes, but no one called me. And I didn't have power to see the school closings on the TV. But I wouldn't have thought to watch it anyway...I didn't think the storm was enough to close the district. But maybe they learned from the day it snowed like crazy and every other district was closed except ours, but a lot of staff called in and only half of the students showed up.

So (I know my crafts are always preluded by these long-winded stories) I went home to my power deprived house and made sock monsters and listened to music until my laptop battery died. Then I went to Burger King for a bite to eat (forgetting that I could have used my gas stove to cook something) and to mooch off their power to charge up my laptop.
Anyway...enough of my's what you came for...

It's the Adorable Snowman! I made him ou of a white fuzzy sock that came in a package with a black pair and a red pair that CJ gave me for Christmas. I knew the white ones would turn into a monster because I almost never wear white socks (they get ditry too easily). But I know CJ doesn't mind.

A funny random guy.

The Hug Bandit. Yay for $1 valentine's day socks! (I actually made him on Sunday, but finished him up today).

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