Monday, January 7, 2008

It's so easy being Green!

Rachel (my friend and downstairs neighbor) approached me this week with an idea of being partners in starting a diaper service for people who use cloth diapers. She has used cloth diapers for her kids and comes in contact all the time with other moms in the cloth diaper "movement". And the subject of a diaper service (or lack thereof in this area) always comes up. So we know there's a demand for it in our area.
Using cloth diapers is cheaper than constantly having to buy disposables, plus it's better for the environment. And with more and more people going "Green" and being so environmentally conscious nowadays...that's a big plus. We actually are playing off of that concept in our company name..."Green Baby" Diaper Service...with a tagline "Making it easy to be green!"

Right now, Rachel is doing the business end of things by figuring startup costs and I'm doing the creative side of things by naming the business (which was actually a joint venture), designing the logo and enlisting my computer-genius husband to help me with setting up the website. I had an image for a logo pop into my head last night during church and I drew up a sketch in my notebook last night and cleaned it up and drew it in Illustrator today when I got home from work. I'm really happy with it...and everyone else I've shown it to is too!

I made the diaper green instead of the whole baby. A literal green baby is just a little too "Shrek".

Don't you just love the little recycling logo on the bum!

We're still in the preliminary planning stages and have no idea when this business venture will actually officially could be in a few months, it could be this summer (when I'm off from work), or it could be next year. Who knows? But I'm excited. I love the idea of working from home and having a home business. And the diaper service could be some "solid" money coming in when I finally decide to sell my sock monsters and other crafts on Etsy (every time anyone new sees one of my sock monsters, they say "you should sell these!", and about 1 out of 5 will mention Etsy)

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