Monday, August 18, 2008

Cute Fabric Dollhouse and UK terms!

I just had to do a shout-out/promo post for a blog I came across via the Craft: blog...UK Lass in US . I originally went to check out a tutorial for this cute-as-a-button fabric dollhouse . It looks like it would be a challenge (at least for me), but I would love to make some of these and give them away as Christmas gifts. Hmmm...I wonder if I could figure out how to make a castle one for boys? Although she shows that the house could be modified into a barn...a barn is pretty masculine right?

Anyway...the thing that might keep me coming back to her blog is her daily UK English to US English I learned the UK slang term "knackered" and "cream crackered", which both mean "tired", "worn out", or "exhausted" . I just might end up slipping "knackered" into my vocabulary. I've already been known to use the term "dodgey" (meaning "not in good condition" in "I've got a dodgey knee" or "That table looks kind of dodgey". Brits, correct me if I'm wrong!).

I'm such a wannabe Brit! But can you blame me?'s in my blood! Most of my ancestors were from the UK...I am Scotch-Irish, English, Welsh...with some Swiss and German in there too. But I feel like a UK girl (or "lass"!) at heart. And I'd love to see the UK someday. I get jealous of my hubby since he's been to London and actually has friends there. And my brother has been to Ireland.


Anonymous said...

That is adorable. I didn't look at the blog to see how complicated, but it is really adorable.

Dog houses would be cool for a boy too. Or if you could find like a cool log cabin type print fabric to make it look like a fort.


Lil D said...

Aw, thank you.

And I promise that it is FAR easier than I've probably made it sound. Really. If I can do it, anyone can - I'm still scared of the sewing machine (and keep putting the bobbin in backwards. You'd think I'd learn by now...).