Saturday, August 23, 2008

Wednesday's Adventure

I guess it's time to tell you all about the adventre Mom and I had on Wednesday.
She'd emailed me earlier in the day telling me about the house in Geneva that was being redone/rebuilt by the TV show "Extreme Makeover:Home Edition". CJ and I used to watch that show every Sunday night at a friend's house back when we were dating...(and cried almost every episode).

Anyway, Geneva is only about an hour away from us, so after some previous commitments both of us had, Mom came and picked me up and off we went! The first security guard we came across while we were trying to find somewhere to park told us that the set had been "closed to spectators" since noon, since so many people had shown up. But it was about 4:00, and Mom and I had come too far to just turn around and go home without seeing anything. We figured that most of the people that had been there at noon had left since then. So she found a place on a neighborhood street to park and we walked one or two blocks over to where the action was. There were people there, but there wasn't a whole ton of them.

"Hey, can we take a picture of the back of your shirt?" The guy acted like he didn't hear us, but cooly obliged and nonchalantly turned his back to us so I could get this shot.

The house was completely demolished by the time we got there. It had been a 150 year old house, and I guess at 1:00, it had still been standing. "A team of hundreds of workers and volunteers will completely remodel (if not tear down) the house in just seven days." Yeah, they completely tore it down. The big "move that bus!" reveal is Monday at 2:00pm. I'm going because my mom can't...she's in the Adirondacks for the week.

As a daughter of a man whose main career has been in security (security police in the Air Force and currently works for ADT), I thought it was interesting when I noticed that EM:HE had their own security guys that travel with them.

We didn't see Ty Pennington, but we did see this guy...who I guess is a designer. Mom was making fun of me because I didn't know who he was. Come on!'s been a while since I've seen the show!

After a couple hours of watching (and hoping to see Ty), we headed into the town and browsed an antique shop, then drove for a bit and found a little resturaunt. There was a very pretty colored sunset sky on the way home.

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