Monday, August 4, 2008

Sterling Renn Fest 2008

CJ and I went to the Sterling Rennaisance Festival on Saturday.
It was fun, as always...despite the rain. We could hear thunder rumbling most of the morning. Right at the end of the 12:00 Mud Show, it started pouring rain.

CJ and I walked through the Faire with a thin blanket over our heads (which soaked through in no time) and finally found shelter in a drum and flute shop. All the other shops we'd passed were already packed with people also seeking shelter from the rain.

The owners of the shop started playing their instuments in order to provide some entertainment while we all were waiting for the rain to let up. Then the lady asked if anyone played drums, and CJ raised his hand, and she gave him a drum, gave another lady a shaker, and handed me a tambourine and we had a regular medeval celtic tribal jam session.

Some of the actors that passed on the street even started dancing. One actor accused the shop owner of being a witch and that our music had brought on the rain (the music was rather rain-dance sounding) We replied that we were merely trying to entertain ourselves and maybe drive the rain away!
It was the high point of what could have been quite a bummer. When the rain finally let up, CJ and I thanked the shop owners for letting us take shelter there and play their instuments, and then went out to the car to change into dry clothes. I was a little bummed, since being in costume at the festival is half the fun for me. It's the one time a year I get to wear my wedding dress again! Here's a picture of me from last year (I didn't get any pictures of myself this year)
Well, there's always this upcoming weekend. We're going to Ohio to a Renn Fest, which CJ's whole family is coming with us to!

The shirt CJ changed into was his TARDIS shirt...which 2 different groups of people recognized and commented on!

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Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. You two are such a beautiful couple. I wish I could see you both at the festival I know how much fun you have there.
Thanks for sharing you life stories with me.
love ya...more than I have to.