Friday, August 15, 2008

Renn Faire inOhio 2008! (Part 2)

More pictures from the Faire! These first pictures are from my Sis-in-law.
(that's lemonade I'm drinking, by the way!)
This cool (even if slightly creepy) tribal looking Wolf guy is "Lifer", one of my Bro-in-law's friends that came with them.
I guess Mom did dress up! least for this picture Sis took.
I took these pictures during an actobatics/fire-breathing show called "En Flambe"
This picture is one Sis took. She had a better angle than I did with my pictures (although mine have more flames!). I think this could be a good contender for the photo contest!
CJ and I saw this Rickshaw guy earlier in the day and thought maybe we'd take a ride later. Then when we were ready to take a ride before we left the Faire, we couldn't find him! We finally did track him down and he was very nice...and quite strong if he can pull the two of us around in a heavy wooden cart! We felt like a real Lord and Lady riding around the faire in style. Some actors even bowed and cutseyed to us as we passed...calling us "my lord" and "my lady". I wish I'd gotten a picture of us in the rickshaw, but I was enjoying the experience. So this picture I took was from the parade will have to suffice.

One thing I thought was really cool about this Faire's parade was that it included representatives from the vendors and not just the actors. Here's a representative from a shop purveying items made from alpaca wool.

Speaking of animals...I was delighted to find that this Faire lets people bring their dogs! (something that the Sterling Faire prohibits) It made me wish I could snatch my parents' dog, King, and bring him with us! Can't you just see the Scottish Lord & Lady Sinclair with a big Rottweiler?

Next Renn Fest from the Joust! (I'm just waiting to be sent one more picture)

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