Monday, April 5, 2010

More Backyard Pictures...

I realized after the last post that I forgot to take pictures of the actual planted bushes yesterday. So I went for a walk with Luna this afternoon to take some!

Cedar bush (I'm not sure if it's actually a bush or a tree, but I'm calling it a bush)

(I found that pictures of plants are so much more interesting if they include the dog!)
That stick is one of the Rose of Sharon bushes. My mom has a couple of big ones on the side of the garage at her house...and when the blossoms fall off at the end of the summer, where some of the blossoms fall will plant new bushes. Mom doesn't want any more bushes there, so that's why she let me dig two out. She has a bush that blooms purple and two that bloom white...I'm not sure which kind I got. I'm hoping I got at least one white...since I already have a sizable purple one next to our driveway (my car got covered in fallen blooms at the end of last summer).

Mom also let me have a itty-bitty lilac bush that was also starting to grow on the side of her garage. It already has buds on it. I hope it survives the shock of being transplanted (as I hope for everything else I planted this weekend) I planted it way on the back edge of our land in order to compromise with my hubby and be merciful to his allergies.

Here's a view from the property corner cedar bush. My house is the yellow one on the right. if you draw a line from this bush to between the two garages, you can visualize our property line. It's only slightly less than three quarters of an acre, but it feels like a ton of land to an ex-city-dweller who is used to living in an upstairs apartment. It's not very wide, but it is long, and I think it's the length that makes it feel like we have so much. It just feels cool to actually own land and to do whatever I want with it. And so much of it in the back is just like a big. grassy, blank canvas. I never imagined I'd ever get into gardening...but I'm finding that it's so satisfying.

I've also discovered that we have wild daffodils in the back in the woods that bloomed this week. I'd like to transplant them closer to the house.

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