Monday, April 5, 2010


I've been wanting to plant something in the backyard to mark our property line. My grandma gave me three baby cedar bushes back in the fall/early winter. I didn't get around to planting them before it got cold and they've been sitting in their little plastic bags outside all winter. I'd forgotten about them and was afraid they were dead, but one of my friends informed me that cedar bushes go dormant in winter...and I noticed recently that the leaves on the baby bushes were green. So I took advantage of the nice weather this weekend to plant them in the back yard.

Luna says "I'm helping!"

"Dig dig dig dig dig..."

Then, yesterday, while at my parents' house for Easter dinner, my mom told me that someone down the street from their house had a cedar bush on the curb that they had dug up and were discarding. So CJ went and put it in the bed of our pickup truck and we took it home and planted it last night.

Leave it to me to get plants out of someone's trash! "Waste not, want not"... right? "One man's trash is another man's treasure!"

This is the view of our back yard. Our property goes all the way to the back. That small dark dot toward the center of the picture is the bush we planted. It marks the corner of our property. I also planted two Rose of Sharon bushes and a lilac bush, all dug up from my parents' house. The other bushes I planted are too small to be seen from this far away.

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trisha too said...

Those Rose of Sharon will be huge before you know it--we have some I dug up from my parent's house, too.

And how appropriate, on Easter, to plant a Rose of Sharon!