Monday, April 12, 2010

My Doggy Diva

The theme for the Photography Contest on Facebook this week is "Dogs". I was looking at the pictures that had been submitted and saw this one from Ashley...

I thought "Hey, that dog kind of looks like Luna." and then realized "Hey! That dog IS Luna!" It's from the last photo shoot I did with Ashley when I had Luna with me. It's can't even tell she's a small dog by looking at that picture! My Dad said it makes her look like a wolf. It's a gorgeous picture though.

I submitted my own photo of Luna as's my favorite picture I've taken of her...

I was thinking it would be funny if both pictures placed in this week's contest. So far, Ashley's picture has 7 votes and mine has 10. The highest rated photo so far has 12 votes...a picture of a mama bulldog carrying her pup in her mouth. (I'd post a lnk, but the pictures get cleaned out every week... so check the Contest Pictures before the week is up, or check the Photography Contest Winners Blog at the end of this week. I'm sure it's going to be in the top 3.)

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