Friday, March 19, 2010

More Modeling...

I met up with Ashley today for lunch, then we went to the town park to take some pictures. That girl does such a good job of making me look good!

The color in my hair has faded a lot from when I first got it done. It used to look a lot more purple in the sunlight. I still like it though.

On Facebook, Ashley commented that she thinks I look like a vampire because of my light skin. I made a comment back that said "You got me...I am secretly a Cullen. I have to wear special vampire anti-sparkle skin creme in order to go out into the sun without being found out!" LOL. Yeah...Twilight geek jokes. (No, I am NOT going out at midnight tonight to get the DVD of "New Moon"...rabid fangirls annoy me.)

Since we went to the park, I HAD to bring Luna! So Ashley snapped some pictures of her too. She took a lot of pictures, but these two (three if you count a duplicate of the one of me, but in sepia tone) are the only ones that made it to her Facebook group. I'm curious what the rest of them looked like.

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