Friday, March 5, 2010

Kitty in the Craft Room

I've been cleaning/organizing my craft room this week, and made this space on the top shelf for Terra to hang out. She can't get up there by herself, but she seemed to enjoy chilling out there today. And I did an impromptu photo session...

I entered the above pic in a Photography contest on Facebook. And I think it's quite convenient that the theme is "Cats" this week. I had no idea that was the upcoming theme when I decided to take pictures of Terra today. I hope I win. I've only placed in the contest once...I tied with someone else for 2nd place on the "Friendship" theme...and my pic then involved a cat!

I love taking pictures of cats. It was kind of difficult for me to decide what picture to enter since I have so many pictures. I could have entered a picture of Sammy...but I had to enter one of Terra! And then it was a matter of which picture! But I decided the close-up I took today was the best one and had the best chance of winning.
I think she's a gorgeous cat...but of course I do!...she's my cat! It's like how parents always think their baby/child is the most beautiful baby/child ever. Terra was the pick of the litter though...everyone comments on how pretty she is and how interesting her markings are.

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