Monday, August 2, 2010

Bustin' Out the Glue Gun...

I busted out the trusty ol' glue gun the other day and made some pretty hair accessories.
I used to make flower hair barrettes all the time as a teenager. I would buy fake flowers at the dollar store, deconstruct them, then reassemble them onto a hair barrette with hot glue. I did make a few of my "old" style barrettes this weekend, but I also made a few out of fabric, which I like even better!

I cut petals out of fabric swatches (the kind you find in the home decor fabric section at Joann's)
(Terrible picture of this flower. I'm sorry!)

I was inspired by a video tutorial from Threadbanger about making fabric flowers. Again...I didn't follow the tutorial exactly...but I used it as an inspiration point.

A tip I took from the tutorial is "scorching" the edges of the fabric petals carefully with a lighter or candle so that the fabric doesn't unravel or fray. (you can kind of see the scorching in the close-up pic)

This red flower I made out of fabric left over from my bridesmaids' dresses from my wedding. (to clarify, the dresses were made by a friend and I had leftover fabric...I didn't cut up any dresses!)

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