Thursday, August 19, 2010

Orange and Purple Sweater Monster (with color theory!)

Ah...Orange and Purple. I've always liked that color combination.
For some reason, I always think purple and orange are complimentary colors...but it's purple and YELLOW that are complimentary. It's BLUE that's orange's counterpart. I always get it mixed up and think that yellow is blue's compliment and orange is purple's compliment. But I do have a fondness for pairing orange with blue as well. Personally, I think they color compliments should be interchangeble.

Pfffft...what-ever, color wheel!

Whether it's "technically" complimentary or not...I think this monster looks good! ;)


Baye said...

I'm in the midst of a sock creature phase and was wandering around the blogosphere looking for ideas. I'm at 24 of my goal of 30, and even with a half dozen books on the subject, I'm in need of inspiration. Your creatures are so adorable! Thanks for sharing

fashion said...

I like this creature.The color is very matching.I enjoy your blog.Thanks for this beautiful post.