Friday, August 27, 2010

Braddock Bay Raptor Research RedTail Day

I had a craft show this past Sunday at RedTail Days, an event sponsored by the Braddock Bay Raptor Research. I have a fellow RNESTer who organized the show and invited me to be a vendor.
I didn't have any redtailed hawk plushies, but I did have a few owls that I cranked out specifically for this show...since owls are raptors. And owls are pretty popular right now.

I'd left my camera's memory card in my computer at home, so I didn't get to take many pictures. The few pictures I do have were taken with the camera on my phone. (an okay camera in a pinch, but I usually prefer my Canon PowerShot. I could have gotten some much better shots if I'd been able to use it)
There were a couple venue issues, but the whole day went well overall. It was raining buckets in the morning when I got there for setup at 7:30AM. It was supposed to be an outside show (I'd even bought a EZ-Up 10x10 tent for this event!) But the show was moved inside the lodge due to the heavy rain. So instead of 10x10 booths, we had 8 ft tables. Then the lodge had gotten double booked, so we ended up sharing a room with the demonstations instead of the animal demonstrations being in one room and the craft vendors being in the other. So we got to watch the live bird demonstrations up close (I REALLY wish I could have used my good camera!). Even with all the things that went "wrong", I think it ended up working in our favor.

I didn't make a ton of sales. The adverse weather certainly didn't make for ideal craft show crowd conditions. It seemed like I was only going to make $20 for the day until one of the fellow vendors visited my table and bought $101 worth of stuff! She loves plushies, and she just kept picking stuff up that she wanted to buy! She was such a sweetheart. It made my day!