Sunday, August 29, 2010

Stoneybrook 2010

CJ had the past week off for vacation. We hadn't really planned anything as far as going away anywhere, so we did a "stay-cation" and just took a couple day trips together. Wednesday, we went to Stoneybrook State Park in Dansville, NY.

Notice that Luna does not look particularly interested in following me to the water.
Whatever...I LOVE the water! My mom tells me that I could literally swim before I could walk. Even though the water was pretty chilly, I could have stayed there most of the day!

Luna, however, is not a huge fan of getting wet. She can swim, but she just doesn't prefer it if she can help it. That doesn't stop us from trying though! (I know what some of you are thinking..."Poor puppy! Your mean owners made you get wet!")

I think she still loves us anyway!

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