Monday, January 16, 2012

Ingrid has "Eye Surgery"

A friend of mine wanted to purchase one of my sweater monsters for her niece for her birthday.  She wanted a colorful, stripey monster that was "not a cyclops".  She was taken with Ingrid, but Ingrid did not meet the non-cyclops criteria.  So...I went all "monster doctor" and gave Ingrid "eye surgery" to give her 2 eyes!




Ingrid really is one of my favorite sweater monsters.  That sweater I made her from served me well.  It was a turtleneck I got in the girls' section of the thrift store.  I got about 5 monsters from it...and...alas!...there is no more of it now!  I have lots of solid color sweaters right now, but I must say my favorites are the stripey ones!  Another trip to the thrift store may be in order!  The question is...Will I be able to get my hands on some good stripey sweaters?  The current cold weather may either help or hinder my search.  Either there are lots of sweaters, since the store knows that is what people want and puts out a lot of them...or there are not a lot of sweaters because it is cold and everyone is buying them up.  I guess we'll see!

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