Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cool-Colored Sweater Monster Siblings

Here are some new sweater monsters! (they're from the same they're siblings!) I actually made up little personalities for them and everything!

"Ingrid is a huggable monster made out of the arm of a striped sweater with a scheme of cool colors. Despite her one-eyed, monster-like appearance, Ingrid likes to think of herself as a prim and proper lady. One of her favorite pastimes is attending tea parties and practicing her British accent."

Ingrid is actually one of my favorites! She's got a huggably squishy, floppy quality to her that I just love. The kind that makes her the perfect stuffed animal for a kid to snuggle with at bedtime!

"While his sister Ingrid is a prim and proper lady, Iggy is a little troublemaker and loves making mischief. His favorite pastimes are sabotaging his sister's tea parties and hiding people's socks. That favorite pair of socks you can't find?...Iggy probably hid them! Just look at that smile! You KNOW he did it!"

*Iggy is actually my entry in my local Etsy team's Monthly Challenge. Pop over and vote in the poll on the upper-right corner of the page if you can spare a moment! (You don't have to register or anything! Just go and click!)

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