Friday, August 12, 2011

Etsy Favorite Friday!: Portal 2 Posters!

For this week's Etsy Favorite Friday, I give you some more evidence of my geekdom. I love Portal & Portal 2. The funny thing is that I've never actually played. I just enjoy watching my husband play (as does my mother! She actually gave Portal 2 to CJ for his birthday!). I have played the 2-player co-op games with him in Portal 2. But I get intimidated at the idea of playing the storyline by myself. I think I'd get frustrated. But it is a fascinating and funny game to watch.

Anyway, on to Etsy...I discovered these Portal 2 themed posters from theKROPshop in my search for items to include in my Through the Portal treasury I decided to make. I love the beautifully simplified graphics paired with humorous quotes from the Portal 2 game.

Wheatley is an interesting little character. My favorite thing about him, besides his British accent, is that he is essentially just a ball/eye, but designed in a way so that he is able to emote so well! The game designers did a wondrous job with him. (As a side note...speaking of wondrous jobs and Wheatley...check out this Wheatley puppet someone made for a cosplay! It's awesome!)

*all image credits: theKROPshop

I think this poster would be perfect for an office cubicle! I may need to order one or two of these posters for CJ for his home office for Christmas. When we play the co-op game together, he's Atlas (blue), and I'm P-Body (orange)...(which I find humorously appropriate, since P-Body has a bit of a more feminine walk & build.) Be sure you go to TheKROPshop's Etsy shop to see more posters.

***If you've never seen the Portal games and have no idea what I'm talking about, my apologies. If you want to see what all the fuss is about, you can do a search on YouTube and check out some of the videos posted of the gameplay.

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