Monday, August 15, 2011

Craft Show! : Bread & Water Theatre Art & Music Show

Hey, I'm actually posting pictures of a craft show the day afterwards! (instead of 5-7 days later!)
These are from the Bread & Water Theatre Art & Music Show I did yesterday.

We drove straight to the show rather than dropping Luna off at my parents like we usually do when I have a show in Rochester. She kept barking at the event coordinators and other vendors while we were setting up, so I made her sit on my chair. She seemed to feel more secure there and didn't bark as much. Once my mom came to be my "backup", CJ took Luna and went to my parent's house to hang out with my dad.

I'd signed up to have a table outside, since people could see me when they went by the building, which would help me get more business. What I didn't count on when I originally filled out the application was the weather today. But there's always a risk involved when you have a spot outside. It was hazy when we got there...after I was set up, it started sprinkling...but then it turned into an all-out downpour, and the event organizers decided to move us inside. I had my tent, so my table and I were both dry while they moved the other vendors without tents inside first. I originally wasn't thrilled about having to move inside and kind of hoped to wade it out and hope the rain stopped...but then the lightning started (and really LOUD cracks of thunder overhead)...and inside seemed like a good idea!

The transition was quick, since I got a lot of help with moving all my stuff inside from the event coordinators as well as some other vendors. One of the girls had a big golf umbrella, and kept going back and forth from my tent to the building, holding the umbrella over people who were bringing my suitcases in. CJ came back and took down the tent for me...and got completely drenched! Oh the things my loving hubby does for me! (he went back to my parents' house and borrowed their dryer as well as some of Dad's clothes).

I was ultimately glad that we moved inside. There were more artists in there and we got to listen to/watch the musicians and performers. My table ended up right in front of the stage! My favorite acts were the bellydance troupe, which made me want to learn bellydancing! (for exercise purposes only!...not for public performance!) and the masked cellist, which made me want to go out and buy a CD of cello music!

The cello music was so relaxing and beautiful!

Another reason I was glad to be inside with the other vendors (who had originally opted to be inside) was that the other vendors were my best customers! And although this wasn't my most successful show (I did make my booth fee though), I had a lot of fun and am glad I did it! :)

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