Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Multicolored Stripey Sweater Monsters

These two monsters are almost the last of this particular sweater. (This monster was made from the same sweater as well). I still have enough left to make one more large sweater monster, I think. That's one of the things about making things out of recycled clothing... it's almost sad when you use the last of a particular item of thrift store clothing that you enjoy working with. Because once it's gone, what are the odds you will ever find the exact same sweater again? (I actually did find a sweater at a thrift store that was the exact same sweater as one I'd made some favorite monsters out of, but didn't buy it for some ridiculous reason!).

This guy(girl?) reminds me of some sort of rabbit/gorilla hybrid because of the ears and how the arms are so long. It will actually stand on its own when the arms are positioned right.

Here is another "Big Mouth" monster where the mouth is a pocket. This is becoming a common design.

I folded over the white part of the mouth at the top and stitched it, but left a bit out to make a cute little snaggle-tooth.

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