Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Art Lesson with Little Kids: Button Paintings

This week it was the little kids' (2-4 year olds) turn to do the Button Painting project...

While waiting for the watercolors to dry before stamping the button design, I had the kids put stickers on their paper and use the watercolor over them. Then I had them take the stickers off to reveal the white design.
I ended up stamping the names on them myself, since the kids' attention spans were pretty much gone and they were more interested in moving on and playing/reading books in the living room. (I accidentally stamped Shea's name on Liam's paper, but caught my mistake and fixed it as best I could. Whoops!)
At one point Joy came in from playing in the living room, and insisted on helping me stamp Shea's name on her paper
I particularly liked Joy's starry-sky looking painting. (the shape in the middle was from a handprint sticker)
The kids always love coming over for art!

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Art Activities said...

Lovely cute kids and awesome pictures!!!