Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What's On My Work Table? Wednesday: More "Hobbes" Tigers

I had no idea, when I made that "Hobbes" tiger doll for my friends' son for Christmas, that it would be so popular!  I've recently received at least 3 requests from people who came across my blog while searching for a Hobbes plush. 

I've been pretty busy lately with preparing for shows, plus just keeping up with real life, church, friends, family, spending time with my husband, and maintaining order in my house, and I do this whole craft/Etsy thing part-time.  The "woodland creature" style (as I call it) has been pretty popular, but it is time consuming, since they require more hand-stitching than my typical monsters.  The heads and arms have to be hand-stitched on.  These tiger dolls especially take a lot of extra work, due to the stripes.  Most of the stripes can be machine sewn, but the stripes on the head have to be hand-stitched, since they wrap around the seams of the head (I forgot to put my hand brace on while sewing and now my wrist is killing me!...Oh the hazards of a crafter!)  

I finally got around to finishing one of the requested "Hobbes" dolls last night.  One down, 2 to go! But I have some other custom requests to do first that are ahead of the "Hobbes" requests in my queue.  Luckily the other two Hobbes don't have to be finished until October.  Oddly enough, both requests are intended as a gift for someone who is having a baby in November. (one guy says his wife is having a baby in November, the other guy says he has a close friend having a baby in November) Strange coincidence?...or will both tigers end up being for the same person?  That would be pretty funny.

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