Friday, July 6, 2012

4th of July in Lyndonville 2012

Some pictures from Wednesday.  I didn't take as many pictures as I'd have liked, but I was pretty busy for most of the day!  I had a lot of customers, a lot of sales, and did even better than I did at last year's show! The Lyndonville 4th of July show still has its place as my second most successful show of the year!  It hasn't surpassed my success at Mayday Underground yet, but this year it came close!

 My "award winning" booth!

 The monster trunk.  This was considerably emptier by the end of the day!  I wish I'd thought to take an "after" picture!  I think I only had about six sweater monsters left! That means I gotta get busy making more for the "Mini-Mayday" show that's at the end of this month!

 The main table

 The "accessories" side of the booth.

A new hair clip display that CJ made for me out of a frame, some fabric, and chicken wire! (I originally found the idea for this on Pinterest)

 Crochet flower hair clips displayed with clothespins.

Flower pins, bottlecap pins, and a basket of smiley Strawberries (left over from the show I did during the Albion Strawberry Festival).  I also had a mirror that my mom gave me awhile ago to use for shows, so people can check out how they look in the hair clips or hats.  I usually only use this green desk for this show (since it's so close and I don't have to transport things so far, and you can pull your vehicle right up to your space instead of having to cart everything from a parking lot), but I am considering starting to bring it to other shows where I have a 10x10 space.  It helps to have the extra table space, so the accessories don't clutter up the main table.  Many times I don't even have room on the main 6ft table for the mirror.

I was getting worried that no one liked the Superhero Nubbins, since they hadn't sold well since I first made them...but I almost sold out of them at this show!  And I am completely sold out of Robot Nubbins as well!

These girls were delighted to take Wilhelmina (pink) and Edwin (blue & green) home with them!

A lot of my friends stopped by to see me... even my little buddy, Mikey!  He's the son of some friends of mine from church.  For some reason, in the recent months, he has really warmed up to me! (he was also flirting with my grandma at my birthday party a few weeks ago!)

 My big, strong Scottish man loading the massive trunk into the truck! The 4th of July is his he decided he wanted to wear his kilt.  It was kind of a "It's my birthday and I'll wear what I want to!" kind of thing.  People kept asking him if he was in the parade and he'd say "No, it's just my birthday and I wanted to wear it!"  

 Our yellow truck all packed up!

Then we took all the stuff home and spent some time with my parents and brother and (soon-to-be!) sister-in-law before they went back to my parents' house to meet some friends and watch the Henrietta fireworks.  After they left, CJ and I went to our friends' house so I could cool off and go swimming (their house is where everyone was hanging out most of the day while I was at the craft show).  When dusk started coming and people were getting ready to walk down to the school to watch the fireworks, CJ and I went home to watch the fireworks from our front lawn... because we were both pretty wiped out and just wanted to be able to go straight to bed after the fireworks.

 The only way it could be better is if that tree weren't in the way!

It was a long day...but was a very happy 4th of July!

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