Thursday, July 5, 2012

Quick Instagram Update: 4th of July Highlights

I'll post more pictures from the 4th later...but here are some highlights, courtesy of Instagram!
(I know...I've become an Instagram addict!)

The biggest highlight of my day: I won first prize for the "best booth display" at the Lyndonville 4th of July Craft Show!  I got this cute ribbon to put on my booth and a $50 cash prize! (so, since the booth fee had been $25...they essentially covered the booth fee and then paid me $25 to do the show!) Thanks so much, Wanda and Joyce!  You really made my day! :D

My brother and his fiance were visiting from Staten Island this week.  They were hanging out with me and my mom at the craft show for a bit.  All of a sudden my brother looks across the way and says..."Anybody order a llama?". It made me laugh!  So I had to go take a picture of the random llama.

The Lyndonville fireworks seen from my house.

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