Sunday, July 22, 2012

Instagram Sunday: Flowers and Berries and a Family Outing

Lots of plant and garden pictures this week...

I have a blue hydrangea bush in my front yard that came with our house.  This is the beginnings of a bloom on it. (Sadly, maybe the only bloom.  But next year there should be more, since hydrangeas bloom on the previous year's growth.)

 I planted 2 different colors of dahlias last year.  The red one bloomed last week.  The orange one bloomed this week!

The first decent strawberry from my garden!  this was off a plant I'd bought at Aldi!  I have another larger strawberry plant that I planted last year, thought it died, but it came back from last year...and it has been producing small, dinky, shriveled strawberries.  I was getting discouraged until this strawberry came along from the Aldi plant. My mom thinks that large plant is actually more than one plant that is too crowded and I need to thin it out so it will produce better.  

I went blueberry picking with my friend Amy and her kids in the morning on Thursday, and took advantage of the cooler weather to work on weeding my vegetable garden in the afternoon (and picked the first of my sugar snap peas!).

Our new Mason Jar Goblets (aka: "Redneck Wine Glasses") that came in the mail.  They were our belated anniversary present from my brother.  (the Adirondack chairs we are sitting in were our birthday presents!)  Gotta love Mason jars!

On Saturday, my parents came out to visit and have lunch.  We went to my favorite local cafe, the Shirt Factory Cafe.  I had a greek chicken salad and a chai latte with a shot of espresso (my gateway drug into the land of coffee!).

 After lunch, we went wandering the aisles at Tractor Supply.  This symbol on a warning sign on a tractor "power takeoff shaft" made me giggle (although I'm sure an actual injury would not be so funny)

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