Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What's-On-My-Worktable-Wednesday: Fox Nubbin Sneak Peek!

I've been wanting to do a Fox Nubbin for awhile.  Foxes are growing on me (I think it's the orange) and they have been getting almost as popular as owls (almost!).  I've done the "Woodland Creature Series" sweater foxes, but I've been wanting to work out a quick and easy design for Fox Nubbins.  My problem was that I wasn't sure how to get the impression of that foxy pointy-snout. It ended up being so simple!  I was inspired by some fox pillows I saw on Pinterest (and this one too)...but put my own spin on it of course!

Cut a skinny heart out of white felt and then cut it in half.  Then position them so there is a "V" of the orange fleece between them and sew them on.  Add safety eyes and a safety nose and...voila`! A Fox face!  I'll be adding ears to the top and appliqueing the tail on the back.  I'm looking forward to finishing this one and then making more!  I may do some actual red foxes in addition to the orange.  I'll probably do some gray as well.  Maybe even a white Arctic Fox!

I'm planning on having these available in my Etsy shop soon in 2013!  I'll be sure to post an update when I list them!  I'll probably even end up doing some large Fox Nubbins just like I've started doing the large Owls and large Nubbins. (I plan on making more of those and listing them in the shop as well!)

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