Sunday, December 2, 2012

Craft Show Recap: Allendale Columbia Holiday Market

Here are pictures from the Allendale Columbia Holiday Market yesterday.

I still have a gimpy, injured foot.  But at least I am able to put weight on it now without having excruciating pain, so I was able to help a little with the set up....but I still had to spend most of my time sitting down.  And my husband still did all the heavy lifting, since I am still using my crutches when I'm out of the house (even though I hate using them!).  I was able to hobble around my booth without them in order to rearrange things though.

 Working on finishing touches on the spot...

 I named this monster Steffy, after my friend Stephanie who donated the sweater!

 A sweet kitty pin that was a"get well soon" gift from my friend Jina of MoyaLazyFactory!

 Happy kids with their new monsters!

 This little girl was adorable!  She just dove face-first into the trunk of monsters, trying to dig to the bottom! (don't worry, the trunk has locking hardware that keeps the lid from falling.)

The highlight of my day was when my friend, Amanda, came by to visit!  It was a complete surprise and even though we're in contact on Facebook, we hadn't seen each other for about 10 years!  When she came up to my booth, we squealed and hugged like 15 year-old girls!  She hung out with us for a bit and caught up and she bought a lot of Christmas gifts at my booth.  It absolutely made my day to see her!
I had a great day sale-wise (much better than I had expected!), but even if I had only sold one thing, it would have been worth going to to see Amanda!

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