Monday, November 3, 2008

Belated Halloween Post

I spent Halloween at my parents' house. We always have so much fun! Mom and I just like dressing up! Any excuse to dress up! Mom, CJ, and I were pirates, and ran with the theme while passing out candy to trick-or-treaters. Dad just wore his favorite costume...his normal black pants and hoodie with a blackout face mask. He didn't grow up celebrating Halloween, so he doesn't get as into dressing up as Mom and I do, but he does have fun with it. I think his favorite part is scaring people...but not in a mean way.

It was really nice out, so Mom and I both had the idea to have a fire in the front yard and hang out there to pass out candy. Mom took it a step further with giving the kids a choice. She has a big, old trunk in her front yard garden...and she also had a ornately carved wooden jewelry box. So she put the candy in the small "loot box", and then picked up random things around her house (old toys, markers and stuff) to put in the big "treasure chest". And then when the kids came up to our "pirate camp", Mom gave them a choice which box they could choose to pick out of. "It could be a trick or it could be a treat!" Mom would tell them.

The little kids tended to choose the big box (and were quite satisfied with getting to choose a toy), while the older kids wised up and usually picked the little box. Older kids have usually learned that bigger does not always mean better. Plus I think a lot of kids thought that something was going to jump out and scare them if they opened the big trunk (no...that was another year with my brother popping out of a much larger trunk...that is now acting as an end table in my living room!)

Oh, and Mom bought Luna a Halloween shirt in the kids section of WalMart! Since King had a halloween shirt to wear (glow in the dark skeleton torso), Mom wanted Luna to have one too! The basketball has a little motion sensor and blinks with little red lights when she moves! I thought the long sleeves looked cute on her! There is a dog shirt I saw at Old Navy that is on clearance that I want to get for her for next year. This one looks like King's shirt, but has a little red heart in the ribcage. (I was hoping to find a picture on the Old Navy website, but it's not listed). I would have bought her one, but the only sizes they had were extra small and extra-extra small...and while I did debate about the extra small, I think Luna only needs a small. She's a small dog, but not a tiny, itty-bitty dog. She's not a Chihuahua or anything (despite what the dog-ignorant people in my neighborhood ask me when they see me walking her. For these city people who only know Rottweilers and Pitt Bulls, any small dog to them is a Chihuahua.) Anyway...I think I'm going to check the other Old Navy stores in the area to see if anyone else has the shirt I'm looking for.

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