Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cute Story & Politics...

I hate politics and can't wait until today is over and we can all get on with our lives without campaigns and mud-slinging commercials with the end tag of "I'm Joe Shmoe and I approve this message!"...and then everyone can start complaining about a whole new president and a whole new set of government officials. But I know that, regardless of who wins, God is in control and I don't have to worry.

Anyway...speaking of the election, here's a cute story via the CrankyPants Blog.

"Henry: Guess what? We got to vote in my class today!
Me: Cool! Who won?
Henry: Barack Obama got 11 votes and John McCain only got 3.
Me: Yeah? Who did you vote for?
Henry: Well, you could check Barack Obama or John McCain, but if you wanted someone different you could check 'Other'.
Me: Really? Did anyone write names in?
Henry: Well, I wanted 'other' to win. Guess who I want to win?
Me: Who?
Henry: YOU!
Me: Wow! That would be a really hard job.
Henry: Yeah. [pause] You have to just keep shaking everyone's hand. "


I remember way back in the day when George Bush Sr. was being elected. I remember I actually called in to Nickelodeon's "Kid's Pick the President" to vote...and I voted for Bush because I liked the way he looked better than the other guy. I just thought he looked like a nicer person. But that's how you think as a little kid...you don't care about the deep issues, you're shallow...you base your vote on "that guy looks nicer". I wonder if that's why this kid's class majority voted for Obama...because he's young and smiles a lot and is just more "attractive" than McCain. I think this year's Nickelodeon Kids Pick the President's winner was Obama too.
Oh you shallow children...

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