Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Geeky Elvish Name Translations

This is something completely random and geeky I found via a post on Angry Chicken...with this site, you too can find your name in elvish. Yeah...I know...I am an uber-geek. You should have seen me when the Lord of the Rings movies first came out...I was REALLY an uber-geek.

Yes...I have an Elvish "tengwar" font (the text is my name spelled with elvish letters). Like I said...uber-geek (but quite not as uber-geeky as some people). The picture was a result of me playing in photoshop after some friends told me I looked like Arwen/Liv Tyler (which I consider a big complement since she's so pretty).

Anyway, I couldn't find my name spelled correctly on the elvish name translation site (no one ever has it spelled "right"...K-I-R-A) but the three names listed below are the closest. They all have similar meanings too...

Keira (Black-haired) - Moréfindiel (pronounced "More-ay-finn-dee-ell")
Kiara (Dark) - Móreadhiel (pronounced "More-ay-ah-thee-ell")
Kiera (Dusky) - Dolledhiel (pronounced "Dole-eh-thee-ell")

I'm getting a "dark" theme here. My name does mean "dark" in Irish, but in Persian it means "sun" , and in Russian it means "light". All are accurate. I have dark hair and light, fair skin. I feel I am both in my personality as well.
Here's my hubby's name...

Connor (Strong-willed) - Melcindómien (pronounced "Mehl-kin-doe-mee-ehn")

(Man, Elvish names are freakin' long!)
I love how fitting the meanings are for both of us! Although I thought Connor meant "wise". I just looked it up in one of my name books and it says Connor is a form of Conan, which is a Scottish name that does mean "wise". But another book I have (I have a thing for baby name books) says it means "high desire" in Irish. I'd say all of them are accutate.

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CamsShel said...

I was over on another blog (gucker family) and saw your name in the blog roll...I had to come read because I have a 10 yr old Kira. :o) And you're right about never finding it spelled Kira is also dark-haired and very light skinned.
I love your little monsters and am impressed by your perseverance in taking your equipment on a holiday trip. Have a great CHRISTmas. :o)