Friday, November 14, 2008

Mad Scientist Studio

I have a fascination with how certain people can use found objects and old random junk and turn it into beautiful art or shabby-chic, rustic decor. I can be such a style schitzophrenic sometimes, because I love so many different styles, but can't possibly do them all cohesively in one apartment.

Anyway, check out this post over at Design*Sponge. I only skimmed over the words, I was looking more at the pictures.
Sometimes I wish I had a space to have a "mad scientist" studio. That looks a mess, but isn't a mess all at the same time. My "studio" right now is just a plain mess. That's why we have bamboo screens to shut it away from view when we have people over.
~Sigh~ I'll get organized someday.

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