Monday, June 1, 2009

More House Work

Awwww! Luna looks like she wants to help us stir the paint...


I guess not. She just wanted to chew the stick.

She loves going to the new house. There's lots of space for her to chase her ball. That's her favorite thing to do when we go there. Unfortunately, I can't play with her the whole time...I have work to get done!

A sign of squirrel...

Can you make out the little pawprint? This was on one of the upstairs windowsills. The little bugger left black marks like this everywhere!
CJ and our friend Brian ended up determining that the squirrel got in through the chimney and into where there used to be a coal-burning furnace (hence all the little black tracks). So after also determining the squirrel was gone for good (nothing in the traps), CJ fixed that by screwing a cheap cake pan over the hole. more squirrel! Yay!
We may be able to get all the work done by the end of June! YAY!
Sorry there hasn't been a whole lot of "crafty" lately. There's been a whole lot of "life" with working on the house and everything. Hopefully soon I will be able to bring you some crafty.

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