Monday, June 22, 2009

Kasey's Wedding!

I had a busy weekend!
The big event was Kasey's wedding on Saturday...

...which I was a bridesmaid in! (or I suppose since I'm married, I was technically a "bridesmatron". Ewwww!..."matron" sounds so...matronly!)

It rained all day, but Kasey's mother had suggested a great idea for an indoor location for pictures that she'd seen on a wedding website...a carousel! So after the photographer took some family photos at the church, we went to a local mall and took pictures on the carousel in the food court!

It was so much fun!...even though people in the food court were staring at us and we were holding up the carousel from the kiddies. We had arrangements with the mall to reserve the carousel for about a half hour for $15... a pretty good deal considering how much some other places charge for taking pictures! I can't wait to see how the pictures turned out! I was in the pictures, so I couldn't take a lot. My mom wanted to come with us (she took pictures with my camera earlier since I had other duties), but she was helping to get ready for the reception...which was a BLAST!

Kasey has 4 younger brothers who are dancing maniacs...and they did a choreographed dance that was a scream! It was absolutely hilarious! There are rumors of video of it being uploaded to YouTube...but I'm not sure when or if it will happen. I'll post a link to it if it does end up on there. I should have thought to run and grab my camera and take video of it myself, but I was having too much fun watching it and didn't think of taking video of anything until later. Even then it was very little. I'll post a link to my vlog (video blog) when I get the footage edited.

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