Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tricia's Blog

ARG! For some reason Blogger is not letting me add a new blog to my Friends & Family sidebar blog list! Is it because it's a Wordpress blog? I don't know. Fine. I'll just have to do an old fashioned blog promo shout-out...

I recently discovered that my friend Tricia has her own blog ( Now Tricia is one of my artsiest friends. I have friends who are crafty...but Tricia is on the more artsy side of I love that I can relate to her on that front. She painted that adorable little duck in her blog header...(I love that lemonade drinking duck!). It's such a cute little character and reminds me of an illustration in a children's book. It makes me want to do little paintings of my monsters!

Another thing I love over at her blog is her family's Idea Bowl...then the good ideas' progression to The Percolator. Her family is so creatively brilliant...even in brainstorming! No wonder I love hanging out with them! (and soon, after the move to the new house, will be able ot hang out with them more often!) I'm excited to see her reveal the next step in the Idea Bowl process!

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