Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Apple Picking Fall 2009

This past Saturday, we finally went apple-picking. It's a tradition we've only picked up in the last few years (usually due to our friends inviting us to join them). And I don't know if it's from living in the country so close to so many orchards, but I've had such a hankering to go apple-picking ever since fall started this year.

We were debating about whether to wait until this upcoming weekend, since my in-laws are coming to visit us and see the new house. But the weather has been so rainy lately, and Saturday morning was so nice, that I wanted to go while I knew the weather was nice. (I didn't want to wait until this next weekend and that have it rain). It worked out well because I guess my in-laws went apple picking the same day!

Look at that fruit practically dripping off the tree! We went to Lynokan Farms (it's just around the corner from us) and got a bushel of apples (mostly Cortlands with a few Golden Delicious) for $20. We would have gotten Honeycrisps (which are monstrously huge and delicious!) but they were more expensive and had to be in a seperate bag.

(My friends on Facebook are all saying that this is "such a great picture" of me and I "look so gorgeous" in it. I didn't particularly think so, but I guess I won't turn down the compliments!)

Luna got the special treat of being allowed to go off-leash (which we very rarely ever do), and she was very well behaved! She stuck right by us and barely barked at anybody (except this couple that had funky hats on...she didn't seem to like them).

She kept thinking that the apples in our hands were balls that we were going to throw for her to chase...so we picked up a few bruised apples off the ground and obliged her!

She was such a happy puppy!

Now I need to make some mini-apple crisp to bake in my toaster oven! (we still don't have a real oven/stove!)

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