Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Out-of-the-House Adventures

Every once in awhile my lovely hubby will "exile" me from the house for the day and tell me to go have fun. Yesterday was one of those days. So I went out shopping and exploring.
There's this little place called 48A to Z, that is like a cross between and antique shop and a big garage sale...(I LOVE places like this!)

I wish I had a spot in my house for one of these old school desks! (they're priced between $30 and $55).

There's an old theater in Medina that is closed down/abandoned. It seems such a shame, because it seems like it's such a cool old building! (I think I've started to become quite fascinated with old things)

Around one side there is a whole section that is fallen down. I'm surprised they haven't roped it off to prevent people from going in. The crazy, adventurous explorer side of me wanted to climb down there so bad!...but I repressed it with the side of me that is afraid of getting into trouble (plus the fact that I was in a skirt, which is not an item of clothing that is condusive to climbing and exploring).

I wanted to take this chair home too... (but I didn't.)

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