Monday, October 12, 2009

"Let The Wild Rumpus Start..."

I made a Max Nubbin to go with my Wild Thing Nubbin!
And he's got a little tail...

These two will be on their way to Las Vegas to a guy who has become quite a collector of my work. I know I could probably make more and they'd be really popular and I'd be selling them left and right...but I'm not sure about copyright stuff and I don't want to get in trouble (I'm not even sure if I'll get in trouble for selling these). The only reason I'm selling them is because it's a one-time thing and it's to my best customer. If I make any more, it will only be as gifts for family or friends.


kawaii crafter said...

These are absolutely adorable! Stumbled this.

FoundProdigalDaughter said...

Those are awesome! To be honest I don't recall ever reading the book but have been hearing about it so much lately (and about the movie) that I feel like I missed out. They're great!